Elm Grove Garden Sidewalks Bring More Connectivity to North Baton Rouge

The MOVEBR Program will soon break ground on the Elm Grove Garden Sidewalks project which will provide pedestrians sidewalk accessibility on each side of Elm Grove Garden Drive from Blount Road to Rosenwald Road. The MOVEBR Program held an open house in conjunction with BREC on January 10, 2022 at the Jewel J. Newman Community Center to provide information to residents about the project.

The Elm Grove Garden Sidewalks project offers North Baton Rouge pedestrians’ walkability to schools, parks, medical facilities and more. This project also offers bus transit riders better accessibility when entering and exiting buses.

This project will also offer improved drainage for residents by closing in open ditches and utilizing a sub-surface system.

You can learn more about the Elm Grove Garden Sidewalk project, as well as other projects in the MOVEBR Program on the MOVEBR website.