Contracting Process

All projects being let for construction by the MOVEBR Program will be publicly advertised in The Advocate Newspaper as the official journal for East Baton Rouge Parish. Additionally, advertisements can be found online at the sites described below under the “Current Advertisements” section. Some of the MOVEBR projects being funded jointly by LADOTD will be advertised through LADOTD's portal.

Any business interested in bidding on these projects should first register online through the City-Parish Vendor Self-Service (VSS) prior to submitting a bid on the project. This system enables vendors to register and manage vendor account information for the purpose of doing business with the City-Parish as well as receive notifications of business opportunities. More detailed information can be found on the City-Parish Purchasing Department website.  You can also learn more about available bid opportunities and processes by visiting the City-Parish Purchasing page.

Current Advertisements

Businesses interested in bidding on these projects should refer to the following sources for all upcoming procurement opportunities:

Projected 12-Month Construction Advertisement Outlook

Project Name Description of Work Estmated Size Range Advertisement Date
McHugh Rd. (Groom Rd. to Lower Zachary) Clearing & Grubbing <$250K Q2 - Q3 2020 
Picardy - Perkins Connector Clearing & Grubbing <$250K Q2 - Q3 2020 
 72nd Ave Sidewalks Phase I  New Sidewalk Construction $500K - $1M February 21, 2020
Picardy-Perkins Mainline Bridge  New Bridge Structure $3M - $8M Q2 - Q3 2020
Ben Hur Realignment/Nicholson Intersection New Roadway & Asphalt Paving $1M - $3M Q3 - Q4 2020 
McHugh Road  Drainage, Embankment & Asphalt Paving $3M - $8M Q3 - Q4 2020
 Pecue Lane Widening Existing Roadway, Drainage & Concrete Paving >$8M Q4 2020 - Q1 2021
Dijon Ave Phase II (Midway-Bluebonnet) New Asphalt Roadway, Drainage & Sanitary Sewer $3M - $8M Q4 2020 - Q1 2021
 Midway (Dijon Ave. – Picardy Ave.) New Asphalt Roadway $3M - $8M Q4 2020 - Q1 2021
 Picardy Perkins Connector New Concrete Roadway, Railway Underpass, Drainage Pump Station & Paving >$8M Q4 2020 - Q1 2021
 ADA Compliance Projects – 1st Package Various Repairs to Address Deficiencies in Sidewalks, Ramps, Crosswalks, Etc. $250K - $500K Q4 2020 - Q1 2021
72nd Avenue Sidewalks Phase II New Sidewalk Construction $500K - $1M Q1 - Q2 2021

Contracts Awarded

Recent bid results are posted on the City-Parish Purchasing Department website. Actual contract awards for MOVEBR Projects will be listed below as they occur.