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Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

A Message from Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome:

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

When I was elected Mayor-President in 2016, I pledged to address the transportation challenges facing Baton Rouge. That promise was realized just three years later. The MOVEBR program represents the single largest infrastructure initiative in the history of our City-Parish. In time, the program will deliver less congested corridors, safer streets, and enhanced quality of life for all residents. MOVEBR will be the industry standard of excellence for delivering transportation, key to building our economy. Inclusion is important to me in this initiative. For that reason, I pushed for projects in every part of the community and engaged a diverse network of small businesses to share in the work. All of our citizens and business leaders should have the opportunity to benefit from such a significant endeavor. MOVEBR not only addresses the transportation challenges we face today, but also plans for the future.

Our Vision

MOVEBR will be the industry standard of excellence in delivering transportation solutions that will move our region in a safe, sustainable manner and further enhance strong neighborhoods, communities, and economic vitality for all residents of East Baton Rouge.

Program Management Plan

The MOVEBR Program Management Plan (PMP) documents the structure, processes and resources that will be used to execute a successful program. It covers the organization, approach and timeline, controls, schedule and resource management, tools, quality management, communications, Small Business Outreach and public involvement. Download the full MOVEBR PMP here.

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The MOVEBR team is actively monitoring community feedback and concerns throughout the life of the program. We want to hear from you so that we can work together to move East Baton Rouge forward.

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Doing Business with MOVEBR.

As the MOVEBR program implements transportation and infrastructure improvements across East Baton Rouge Parish, a wide variety of opportunities will occur for businesses to participate in the process. These will be advertised through the normal procurement processes of the City Parish.

MOVEBR Right-of-Way Services Pre-Proposal Meeting Materials

Held Thursday, October 10, 2019 East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Transportation & Drainage Office Download materials

To promote a vibrant economy and strong small businesses in East Baton Rouge Parish, the Small Business Outreach (SBO) Initiative has been established as a critical component of MOVEBR. It seeks to empower small, minority, women, and veteran owned companies. Our goal is to support these firms by providing a clear path to doing business with the City-Parish through timely communications, capacity-building strategies, and technical assistance. The overall goal of the initiative is to ensure meaningful small business participation in MOVEBR.

This effort will include targeted outreach, training, and capacity building opportunities for emerging and established businesses. Throughout the course of the MOVEBR Program small businesses will be engaged for various contracting opportunities to include but not limited to: Right-of-Way Acquisition, Engineering & Design, Construction, Demolition, Program Management, and a Mentor Protégé Program.

Please fill out our SBO Contact Form to receive updates from our Small Business Outreach Team.

Learn more about Small Business Outreach here.

Have questions?

1. What is MOVEBR?

The MOVEBR Transportation and Infrastructure Improvements Program is the most significant transportation infrastructure investment in East Baton Rouge Parish history. The 1/2 cent sales tax proposition was approved by the voters of East Baton Rouge Parish on December 8, 2018. The tax became effective on April 1, 2019 and will continue for 30 years until March 31, 2049. Proceeds of the tax can only be spent on the approved list of projects.

2. How is MOVEBR funded?

The funding for MOVEBR comes from the collection of ½ cent sales tax (excluding food and drugs) which is to be collected over a period of 30 years.

3.What are the MOVEBR projects and where are they located?

Please click here to view the list of projects approved by voters and their locations.

4. How are the projects being prioritized and when will the City-Parish release the prioritized list?

City-Parish officials and MOVEBR program managers have begun the process of prioritizing the 70 projects involved in the $1 billion road improvement program and expect the list to be completed by mid-November 2019.

5. Can I receive notifications for specific projects?

Yes, you can receive notifications for specific projects by visiting our “Join Our Mailing List” page and signing up for the type of notifications you prefer. As project updates are made available, you will receive notifications via email. You can also follow @movebrla at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

6. As a small business owner, are there opportunities to get involved in some of these projects?

Yes. The MOVEBR program has a Small Business Outreach (SB0) effort designed specifically to work with small businesses who wish to engage in contracting with the program. The SBO team can be reached through the “Doing Business with MOVEBR” section of the website.

7. How can I find out more about a certain topic on the program?

On the MOVEBR website you can visit our mailing list page where you can sign up for newsletters and/or other notifications listed, or you can visit the “Contact Us” page to submit a question or comment and someone will get back in touch with you a timely manner.

8. Who should the media contact with MOVEBR inquiries?

Please contact Mark Armstrong, the Mayor’s Chief Communications Officer, maarmstrong@brla.gov.

9. How will I know when these projects will be constructed?

The MOVEBR website will be updated with status information on each project, from planning, to design, to construction and completion, and will serve as a main reference point. For notifications of project updates, stakeholders can sign up on the website’s “Join Our Mailing List” section.

10. Will other projects be added to the list already developed?

The New Capacity and Corridor Enhancement projects are limited to those projects identified in the tax referendum. However, future parish-wide community enhancement projects will be added to the list based on a call for projects by the City-Parish.

11. Where can I provide comments and concerns on the website?

Comments and concerns can be provided on the “Contact Us” page of the website.