Airline Hwy, North (Florida - I-110) Project Page

Project Description: The proposed project is to add an additional lane in each direction for the length of the corridor. Depending on the land use, geometry and right of way available, either shoulder or curb and gutter will be provided.

Council District: 5, 6, 7, 10

Project Type: New Capacity

Current Phase: Design Study

Design Consultant: Huval

Project Manager: Stephanie Phillips

Proposition Budget: $44,000,000

Estimated Letting Date: 2027

Project Updates

Date Status
01/2023 Consultant has begun work on the planning phase of the project. The planning phase includes: survey, traffic study and environmental approvals.
06/2022 Contract for survey, traffic study and NEPA documentation is being reviewed for approval by City-Parish.
02/2021 The initial contract for conceptual design is being executed. The conceptual design will allow the MOVEBR team to work with DOTD to establish alternatives that move into final consideration. 
11/2020 An Engineering Design Consultant was selected. Scoping and negotiations are underway for the design study and environmental activities.




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