Small Business Outreach

To promote a vibrant economy and strong small businesses in East Baton Rouge Parish, the Small Business Outreach (SBO) Initiative has been established as a critical component of MOVEBR. It seeks to empower small, minority, women, and veteran owned companies. Our goal is to support these firms by providing a clear path to doing business with the City-Parish through timely communications, capacity-building strategies and technical assistance. The overall goal of the initiative is to ensure meaningful small business participation in MOVEBR.

This effort will include targeted outreach, training, and capacity building opportunities for emerging and established businesses. Throughout the course of the MOVEBR Program, small businesses will be engaged for various contracting opportunities including, but not limited to:

  • Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Engineering & Design
  • Construction, Demolition
  • Program Management
  • Mentor Protégé Program

The MOVEBR Small Business Outreach effort does not restrict or prohibit any otherwise designated small business from pursuing opportunities with the City-Parish. The definition below is intended to identify the types of small businesses the effort is designed to reach, inform and support their inclusion in the MOVEBR Program.

For the purposes of outreach and engagement, a MOVEBR Small Business is defined as an entity that holds one of the following certifications and/or participates in one of the listed programs:

*Click on your program of choice to find out more information and/or how to participate.




Small Business Video Library

MOVEBR has launched a new Small Business Video Library as a resource to meet small businesses for teaming opportunities or project work on the MOVEBR program. We invited small, minority, woman and veteran-owned companies who have signed up with our Small Business Outreach Initiative to record a brief introductory message about their companies.

We are proud to feature more than 30 local small businesses in the Small Business Video Library so far. If you are interested in featuring your own small business, please use the button below to register for an interview.

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MOVEBR KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Through coordination with the City-Parish and MOVEBR Project Management Team Leadership, a KPI (key performance indicator) has been established for MOVEBR project procurement. The MOVEBR Program desires to achieve a MOVEBR Small Business participation percentage of at least 20% in contract fees for those projects that are required to be procured under the Selection Board Process.

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1st Thursday Monthly Outlook Calls

The MOVEBR SBO program invites you to join a monthly conference call to get updates on opportunities to compete for project work, with a focus on services that may be provided by small businesses. The calls will be held the first Thursday of each month from 10:00 am - 10:30 a.m.

More MOVEBR projects are moving into the construction phase this year, and this call will provide a look ahead at upcoming contracting and bidding opportunities. Each month, members of the MOVEBR program management team will update you on which projects will be moving forward in the next few months.

The purpose of this monthly call is to help keep small businesses informed and provide the information you need to successfully pursue project work. The MOVEBR program is committed to growing participation by small-, minority-, woman- and veteran-owned businesses to help build a strong local economy.


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Small Business Outreach Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for East Baton Rouge Parish small business owners who would like to expand their business by working on MOVEBR street, road and sidewalk projects.

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MOVEBR Website Tutorial

The 1st Thursday presentation below provided an overview of the MOVEBR program and website, and contained helpful information for anyone who visits the website looking for information on doing work with the program.