Contracting Process

Firms interested in being design consultants on MOVEBR projects should follow the City-Parish procurement process, which includes registering with Vendor Self Service. Firms should also sign up to receive notifications from the City-Parish RFQ Manager site. Procurement packages for individual projects are posted on the City-Parish RFQ Manager as they are advertised.

Current Advertisements

When available, current public notices for Invitations for Professional Engineering Services will be listed here. Qualified engineering firms interested in submitting a Statement of Qualifications for the professional engineering projects listed below must obtain the official Request for Qualifications (RFQ) package from the City-Parish RFQ Manager.

This Year's Projected Advertisement Outlook

(Updated 3/23/2021)

Project Name Date
Ardenwood-Lobdell (BRCC) Connector Q2 2021 

Contracts Awarded

The table below shows a list of the projects that currently have a prime consultant under contract. 

(Updated 10/20/20)

Project Name Design Prime Project Type
72nd Ave. Sidewalks Phase I Professional Engineering Consultants Community Enhancement
72nd Ave. Sidewalks Phase II Professional Engineering Consultants Community Enhancement
Ben Hur Realignment/Nicholson Intersection Forte & Tablada, Inc. Capacity
Dijon Phase Ave Phase II (Midway-Bluebonnet) Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. Capacity
Elm Grove Garden Sidewalks Phase 1&2 (Blount Rd. –Rosenwald Rd.) C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates Community Enhancement
Hooper Rd (Blackwater - Joor) Sigma Engineers & Constructors Capacity
Hooper Road (Joor - Sullivan) Professional Engineering Consultants  Capacity
Jones Creek (Tiger Bend-Jefferson) Sigma Engineers & Constructors Capacity
MacHost Road Professional Engineering Consultants  Corridor
Mall of Louisiana Blvd. Evans-Graves Engineers Capacity
McHugh Rd (Groom Rd. to Lower Zachary) CSRS Capacity
Midway (Dijon – Picardy) Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. Capacity
Nicholson Dr (Brightside - Gourrier) Forte & Tablada, Inc. Capacity
Old Hammond Hwy Seg 1 (Blvd de Province - Millerville) Forte & Tablada, Inc. Capacity
Old Hammond Hwy Seg 2 (Millerville - O'Neal) TRC Engineers Inc. Capacity
Pecue Lane (Perkins Rd - Airline Hwy) Shread-Kuyrkendall & Associates Capacity
Perkins Rd (Pecue - Siegen) Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. Capacity
South Choctaw (Flannery - Central Thruway) Evans-Graves Engineers Capacity
Staring Lane Extn (Nicholson-Burbank) DOTD Capacity
College Drive Corridor Enhancement (Perkins – I-10) AECOM Technical Services, Inc. Corridor
Bluebonnet (Perkins to Picardy) G.E.C., Inc. Capacity
Jones Creek (Tiger Bend to Airline) Sigma Consulting Group, Inc. Capacity
Highland @ Siegen SJB Group, LLC Capacity
Scenic Hwy (Harding to Swan) GOTECH, Inc. Corridor
Groom Road (LA 19 to Plank Road) Professional Engineering Consultants Corridor

Consultants Selected

(Updated 11/16/20)

Project Name Consultant Project Type
North Blvd Corridor Enhancement (I-110 – Foster/Florida) Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc Corridor
Florida Blvd. Segment 2 (N22nd to Airline) Forte & Tablada, Inc. Corridor
Plank Rd. Segment 1 (N. 22nd to US 61) HNTB Corridor
Florida Blvd. Segment 1 (I-110 to N. 22nd) HNTB Corridor
Sherwood Forest Extension (Greenwell Springs - Joor Road) Atlas Capacity
Hennessey - Perkins Connector Shread-Kuyrkendall & Associates Capacity
Harding Blvd at I-110 Neel-Schaffer Capacity
Jefferson Hwy @ Corporate Buchart Horn, Inc. Capacity
Nicholson Segment 2 (Ben Hur to Bluebonnet) Volkert Capacity
Plank Rd. Segment 2 (Airline to LA 408) Gresham Smith Corridor
Terrace Avenue (Highland to Perkins) Stanley Consultants, Inc. Corridor
Jefferson Hwy @ Bluebonnet Meyer Engineers Capacity
Lee Drive (Highland to Perkins) Arcadis Capacity
Airline Highway, North (Florida Blvd to Interstate 1-110) Huval & Associates Inc. Capacity
Airline Highway, South (Parish Line to Bluebonnet Blvd.) Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Capacity