MOVEBR Traffic Signal Improvements

MOVEBR is the largest and most significant transportation infrastructure investment in the history of our parish.  An important part of MOVEBR is a traffic management system that can help us solve the problems of today…and get us ready for the future.

In this Digital Age, the majority of cities in the U.S. still do not have fully connected traffic signals. Now Baton Rouge is leading the way.

Improvements to traffic signals are designed to improve travel time reliability and provide consistent commute times for personal and business travelers.

Goals for East Baton Rouge Parish

  • A connected city with centrally managed mobility
  • Real-time control of traffic signals
  • Ability to adjust signal timing during:
    • Incidents (wrecks, signal service, wide-loads, etc.)
    • Special events (football, concerts, etc.)
    • Emergency evacuations
    • Unusual traffic congestion
    • Interstate construction projects
  • Faster emergency response times
  • Consistent commute times

Aging Equipment

In many cases, traffic signals in our parish have outlasted their expected lifespan and lack the technology needed to provide efficient traffic management. A quick look at East Baton Rouge’s aging traffic equipment:

Traffic Signal Controllers 10+ years
Video Detectors 15+ years
Loop Detectors 20+ years
Conflict Monitors 12+ years
School Flashers 40+ years
Lack of Fiber to Many Traffic Signals  

When complete, Baton Rouge will be a leading city for traffic management technology. You can sign up to follow our progress.


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Fiber Optic Cable Installation Progress

(current as of 03/03/22)

Fiber optic cable allows connectivity between traffic signals and improves corridor operations. Fiber provides communications for all traffic signals to a central system. The MOVEBR program is installing 176 miles of fiber optic cable throughout the parish – over 1000 feet a day!

Installation has been completed on these corridors:

Roadway Limits (From) Limits (To)
Airline Hwy Plank Rd Industrial
Florida Blvd Foster Dr 22nd St
22nd St Government St Fuqua
North Blvd 19th St Eugene
19th St North Blvd North St
Fuqua 22nd St 19th St
Nicholson North Stadium Burbank
Burbank Nicholson Ben Hur
Jennifer Jean Burbank Nicholson
Lee Dr Burbank Boone
Dalrymple E State St E Lakeshore Dr
Harding Plank Rd Scenic Hwy
Scenic Hwy Harding LA 19
LA 19 Scenic Hwy Blount
Blount LA 19 Vets Memorial
Silverleaf Mickens Greenwell
McClelland Airline Evangeline
Greenwell St Airline Hwy Silverleaf
Prescott Airline Hwy Foster Dr
Winbourne Plank Rd Airline


Corridors Coming Online Spring 2022

  • Dalrymple Drive (E State St to E Lakeshore Dr) Online!
  • Airline Highway (Choctaw Dr to Plank Rd)
  • Florida Boulevard (Foster to 22nd)
  • Nicholson Drive (North Stadium to Burbank)
  • Burbank Drive (Nicholson to Ben Hur)
  • Harding Boulevard (Plank Rd to Scenic Hwy)
  • 22nd Street (Government St to Fuqua)
  • 19th Street (North Boulevard to North Street)


Detection Devices and Cameras


Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome in the Advanced Traffic Management Center on Harding Boulevard.

Technology enables traffic signals to detect vehicles and adjust signal timing based on actual traffic volumes by collecting reliable, real-time traffic data. Strategically placed cameras monitor traffic and incidents allowing traffic engineers to make real-time responses from the Advanced Traffic Management Center.


What is a BlueTOAD?


These devices detect anonymous Bluetooth signals from mobile devices and vehicles to determine travel times between points. This data helps traffic engineers improve signal timing…and will be available via an app to help the public avoid congested areas.


 MOVEBR Signal Upgrades Include

  • Replacing outdated equipment
  • Pedestrian crossings where needed
  • Emergency vehicle preemption
  • Back-up power supply at critical intersections
  • Flashing yellow left-turn arrows where appropriate


Emergency Vehicle Preemption



Every second counts in a fire or medical emergency. Along with the MOVEBR signal upgrades, the City-Parish has equipped 440 traffic signals with new technology that allows emergency responders to pre-empt traffic lights…turning traffic signals green to reach destinations faster. 

This will reduce response time for emergency vehicles, and improve safety for everyone by moving traffic along ahead of emergency vehicles.


Power Outages


Power outages contribute to traffic congestion and make unsafe conditions for drivers and pedestrians. They also cause delays for emergency vehicles.

The MOVEBR program has installed Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) at 117 locations on key corridors. These provide four hours of battery back-up power to keep traffic signals working while power is restored.


Flashing Yellow Arrows Help Keep Traffic Moving


New flashing yellow arrow signals are being installed in East Baton Rouge Parish and Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome is taking steps to educate drivers about these upgrades to the transportation system.

The newtraffic signals feature a flashing yellow arrow in addition to red, yellow, and green arrows. The flashing yellow arrow allows motorists in a left-turn lane to turn after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

The flashing yellow arrow signals are being installed on some state roadways and will be included in MOVEBR projects in the near future. A Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) study found the traffic signals reduce left turn crashes by up to 35%. They also help move more traffic through the intersection, easing traffic congestion and reducing vehicle idling – and that helps ease pollution.

To help prepare drivers for the new traffic signals, Mayor Broome and the MOVEBR program are providing public service announcements to educate drivers of the changes. More information on the new traffic signals and other improvements can be found on the Flashing Yellow Turn Lights page.


We’re Making Streets Safer for Pedestrians

Among the improved crosswalks for pedestrians, the MOVEBR signal improvements include High Intensity Activated CrossWalKs (HAWKs) which provide safe crossing where traditional intersections are not available or mid-block crossings on busy streets. The HAWKs are only activated when a pedestrian or bicyclist pushes a button to cross the street.


Additional Signalization/Synchronization Improvements


Signal improvements also include speed signs, permanent count stations for data collection and 400 new school flashers which are coming soon.


We’re Building for the future.

The new signal equipment is designed to adjust to changing technology and traffic patterns. It will be compatible with autonomous vehicles and adaptive signal timing.


MOVEBR is getting you where you want to go…safer and quicker.