Plank-Nicholson Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project Page


Project Description: This project includes creating a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor to provide a high-quality rapid transit mode for buses combining physical and operating improvements into the existing integrated transit system while conveniently and efficiently linking the north and south side ot the city downtown. The BRT is designed to provide enhanced bus service along the corridor by reducing travel times and providing a high level of passenger amenities including frequent service, specially designed stations, real-time schedule information displays at stations, level boarding at stations, improved station lighting, improved pedestrian and bicycle connections to stations, and bicycle amenities at stations. The BRT will expand local and regional mobility options, improve job access, support transit-oriented development and enhance livability along the corridor.

In addition, the project proposes to reduce traffic congestion and improve access for pedestrians and cyclists through intersection and signal improvements, access management, and sidewalk connections along the Florida Blvd and Plank Rd portions of the BRT route. Consideration will be made for incorporation of green infrastructure practices where practical.  Street lighting improvements will be considered as an integral part of enhancing the safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and all users of the roadway and the aesthetic appearance of the corridor. Findings from the Plank Road Master Plan,  Florida Blvd Corridor Enhancement, Segment 2 (N. 22nd St to Airline ) and Plank Rd Corridor Enhancement, Segment 2 (Dawson Dr to Harding Blvd) Projects must be taken into consideration for this project.

It should be noted that the Florida Blvd Corridor Enhancement, Segment 1 (I-110 to N. 22nd) and Plank Rd Corridor Enhancement, Segment 1 (N. 22nd to Dawson Dr) Project limits and scope have been incorporated into the overall scope of this BRT Improvement Project as the overall BRT route includes these sections of roadway.

Council Districts: 5, 7, 10

Project Type: Improve Existing Corridors

Current Phase: Design

Design Consultant: HNTB

Project Manager: Scott Hoffeld

Proposition Budget: $15M (incl. portions of Florida Blvd. Seg 1 & Plank Rd. Seg 1 MOVEBR projects); Overall Project budget is $53.7M with $38.7M being funded through partnership with LADOTD, CATS, and US DOT BUILD Grant.

Estimated Letting Date: July 2022

Project Updates

Date Status
03/2023 The Design Consultant has submitted its 98% final design plans for roadway, and has completed 100% final design plans for the North Transfer Center. Right-of-way mapping is underway.
05/2021 The Design Consultant is preparing the design study and performing topographic survey field work. A public meeting will be held at the conclusion of the design study phase. 
03/2021 The Design Consultant is preparing the design study. A public meeting will be held before the conclusion of the design study phase.



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