Scenic Highway Corridor Improvements (Harding to Swan) Project Page

Project Description: This project proposes to enhance pedestrian, transit, and bicycle safety and mobility by improving the existing corridor to better accommodate the Complete Streets needs in the area. Drainage and vehicular turning movement improvements are also a priority along the corridor. Green Infrastructure and Railroad crossing improvements will also be considered. The MOVEBR Program will work with the selected consultants, DOTD, business owners, public stakeholders, and local interest groups for this project.

Council District: 2

Project Type: Improve Existing Corridors

Current Phase: Design

Design Consultant: GOTECH

Project Manager: Conway Cristina

Proposition Budget: $7,000,000

Estimated Letting Date: 2023

Project Updates

Date Status
02/2021 The Design Consultant is preparing the design study. Topographic survey is near completion. 
Design Team has been updated by Center for Planning Excellence regarding their master planning work in the area.
10/2020 The Design Consultant is preparing the design study. Topographic survey is underway. A public meeting will be held before the conclusion of the design study phase.




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