Sherwood Forest Blvd Multi-Use Path (I-12 - Old Hammond Hwy) Project Page

Project Description: The project will enhance pedestrian and bicycle mobility along Sherwood Forest Blvd. by adding a multi-use path on the west side of the roadway. Sherwood Forest is a commercialized segment of roadway with residential properties along the project limits as well as north of Old Hammond Hwy.

Council District: 8

Project Type: Community Enhancement

Current Phase: Design

Design Consultant: GWS Engineering/Gresham Smith

Project Manager: Andres Gonzalez

Proposition Budget: $600,000

Estimated Letting Date: May 2023

Project Updates

Date Status
12/2022 Additional Scope was added to the project to include a MUP on both sides of road. Design consultant is preparing the 60% (plan in hand) design submittal to include this additional scope.
05/2022 The Design Consultant has submitted Preliminary Plans and they have been reviewed. Additional Scope is being finalized and will be included in the Final Design Phase.
12/2021 The Design Consultant is finalizing the revised Preliminary Plans to include the additional scope of work.
09/2021 The Design Consultant is finalizing preliminary plan submittal.
02/2021 The Design Consultant is preparing the 30% final plan submittal.
10/2020 Negotiations and contracting are underway with the Engineering Design Consultant.



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