21 in 2021: 21 MOVEBR Projects Move to Construction Phase in 2021

This year, 21 MOVEBR projects that will increase capacity, significantly enhance existing corridors, build sidewalks and increase accessibility throughout the parish will move forward to the construction phase. 

In addition to road construction projects, signalization efforts will continue to move forward with three fiber optic cable installation projects to connect corridors for communication with the Advanced Traffic Management Center. See the complete list of projects here. 

In 2020, our community came to a halt with the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the challenges our community faced, the City-Parish utilized the opportunities presented by reduced traffic on our roadways to make considerable progress within our MOVEBR program. The signalization projects have produced great results, giving our traffic engineers the ability to synchronize signals on major corridors to keep traffic moving, and we began our first construction projects. I am excited to see us continue this trend of advancement in 2021. Mayor Sharon Weston-Broome

 Below is a list of projects that are scheduled to begin construction in 2021:

Capacity Projects

  • Mall of Louisiana Boulevard (Picardy-Perkins Connector)
  • Pecue Lane (Perkins Road – Airline Highway)
  • Ben Hur realignment at Nicholson Drive
  • Dijon Avenue Phase 2 (Midway – Bluebonnet Boulevard)
  • Midway (Dijon Avenue Phase 2 – Picardy)
  • Old Hammond Highway Segment 2 (Millerville Road – O’Neal Lane)
  • South Choctaw Drive (Flannery Road – Central Thruway)

Corridor Enhancements

  • MacHost Road

Signalization Projects

  • Three fiber installation projects

Sidewalk Projects

  • 72nd Avenue sidewalks, Phase 1 (Scenic Highway – I110)
  • 72nd Avenue sidewalks, Phase 2 (I110 – Plank Road)
  • Centurion Avenue sidewalks (O’Neal Lane – Crossbow Drive)
  • Mullen Drive sidewalks (Honey Drive – Perkins Road)

ADA Projects

  • One project starting in Summer 2021
  • Five projects starting in Fall 2021 

The construction activities in 2021 follow a year that moved 26 projects into planning, 22 into engineering procurement, and 18 into design, with three projects kicking off construction in 2020. Several more projects will move from design into right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation phases in preparation for construction in 2021.