A Message from the Mayor-President (Q3 2023)

MOVEBR Will Move 38 More Projects into Construction in the Next 12 Months

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

As we move into the fourth quarter of 2023, the MOVEBR program is gearing up for our biggest year yet. With 14 projects completed, 18 currently in construction and 95 in pre-construction, we expect to move 38 more projects into construction in the next 12 months.

Despite the ongoing challenges of supply chain delays and manpower shortages that began with the COVID pandemic, the MOVEBR program team made great progress on bringing over 130 separate projects to construction and ultimately, to completion. Additionally, we have prioritized key projects to reduce the impacts of the planned interstate lane closures on local traffic. One result of this effort is that our signalization projects will be completed on schedule in early 2024, well in advance of potential lane closures.

We are also expediting a key phase of the College Drive Corridor Enhancement Project which will help keep traffic moving on this important corridor during I-10 construction. To supplement our MOVEBR program local funding, over $100 million in additional state and federal money has been secured.

Because of the positive impact on our local small business community, we also completed the Call for Projects ahead of schedule and 29 new community enhancement projects were selected in consultation with Metro Council members. These projects were evaluated by our program management team and approved to move forward this year. A number of these smaller projects have already moved into construction.

The MOVEBR program is working with our state and federal partners to maximize funding, coordinate construction and get Baton Rouge moving.