Complete Streets Citizens’ Advisory Committee Receives Update on New Projects

Complete Streets Meeting

MOVEBR Deputy Program Manager, Jason Crain, presented the new community enhancement projects approved by the Metro Council to the Complete Streets Citizens’ Advisory Committee. Many of the new projects, approved in January, will improve access for users of all ages, abilities and modes of transportation. The MOVEBR proposition passed by voters set aside $49 million for future enhancement projects and the first call for projects resulted in the approval of approximately $29 million.

The new community enhancement projects include sidewalks, multi-use paths, bike lanes, beautification and safety projects, pedestrian signals and traffic calming improvements. Design services for these projects will be procured by the city-parish, with 15 projects going through the RFQ process and 14 projects awarded by direct appointment.

Crain also provided the Complete Streets committee an update on the original Community Enhancement and Corridor Improvement Projects, including ADA transition projects and signal improvements.

In late 2022, Metro Council members were asked to sponsor potential projects within their respective districts and submit them for consideration. Objective criteria, developed by the city-parish, ensured projects were selected based on greatest public benefit with funding distributed fairly throughout the parish. The new projects were approved in January 2023.

You can read more about the new projects here.