Selection Update on Consultants for MOVEBR Projects

Traffic on College Drive at I-10. [Credit: Todd Sterling]

Over the past few months, the Engineering Selection & Survey Board selected the following prime consultants for project advertisements that were issued since December 2019. These firms were selected but await contract approval by the Metro-Council. A list of all projects where a prime consultant has been selected as well as a separate list of projects identifying prime consultants who are already under contract can be found here.

Project Name Consultant Project Type
College Drive Corridor Enhancement (Perkins - I-10) AECOM Technical Services, Inc. Corridor
Bluebonnet (Perkins to Picardy) G.E.C., Inc. Capacity
Jones Creek (Tiger Bend to Airline) Sigma Consulting Group, Inc. Capacity
Highland @ Siegen SJB Group, LLC Capacity
Scenic Hwy (Harding to Swan) GOTECH, Inc. Corridor
North Blvd Corridor Enhancement (I-110 - Foster/Florida) Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc. Capacity
Florida Blvd (N. 22nd to Airline) Forte & Tablada, Inc. Corridor
**Plank Rd. (N. 22nd to US 61) HNTB Corridor
**Florida Blvd (I-110 to N. 22nd) HNTB Corridor

 **These projects are now included as part of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project.

Due to the unforeseen impact on our community by COVID-19, the City-Parish and the MOVEBR Program Management Team has made several adjustments to ensure the safety of all parties involved. All in-person team meetings and public meetings have been suspended until further notice. However, project teams are communicating virtually and coordinating remotely to ensure the program is performing on schedule. As it relates to potential upcoming public meetings, the MOVEBR program will disseminate information with instructions on how engagement will be conducted with interested consultant teams, which at this time is anticipated to be performed remotely for upcoming project selections. RFQ packages are anticipated to further detail how the Engineering Selection & Survey Board will execute its process. Additionally, information will be provided to the public as to how they can engage with specific projects in and/or near their respective neighborhoods and/or businesses.