The MOVEBR Website Provides Transparency on Projects

The MOVEBR website serves as a key resource to learn information about the program and its projects.

When the MOVEBR program commenced in 2019, the city-parish and program management team made a commitment to ensure the public could track the program’s progress and individual projects. The MOVEBR website is the central hub of information for various elements of the program including historical information on the program, specific project information, key performance indicators, how to do business with the program, resources for small businesses, photo galleries and much more. 

Individuals looking for information on specific projects can visit that project page and find information such as a map showing the project limits, a brief description of proposed improvements, project timeline and current phase, information on the design consultant and contractor, project updates, and photos of the project's progress as they become available. Additionally, various documents such as initial concept reports, exhibits from public meetings, final design plans, and right-of-way maps are available. 

Additionally, the project page provides the opportunity to sign up to receive information on that specific project and leave comments. Visit the MOVEBR website to interact with these various elements.