Upcoming Public Meetings (Q2 2020)

The MOVEBR Program Team is fulfilling its commitment to get the parish moving. Currently, there are 19 projects that have a prime design consultant already selected. In December and January, the City-Parish and Program Management Team released Request for Qualifications (RFQs) for prime design consultants on an additional 8 projects.

In the 2nd quarter of 2020, citizens will have an opportunity to participate in public meetings to provide input on the projects’ conceptual designs. Public meetings are anticipated to be held for the following projects:

  • Picardy-Perkins Connector
  • Jones Creek Road
  • Midway (Dijon-Picardy)
  • Dijon Ave Phase II (Midway-Bluebonnet)
  • Old Hammond (Blvd de Province – Millerville)
  • Bluebonnet (Perkins to Picardy)
  • 72nd Ave Sidewalk Phase 1 project
  • Parishwide Signalization/Synchronization

During these meetings, the public will have an opportunity to engage with the City-Parish representatives, the Program Management Team, and other consultants on the project. 

 You can review the preliminary design concepts via the project concept reports.