Work on Signal Projects Completed on Time

The MOVEBR program has been building the most connected traffic signal program in the U.S., using the latest technology. After decades of piecemeal funding and progress toward connecting our signals with fiber optic cable to be managed from a central advanced traffic management center, the MOVEBR program has finished the job.

After Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome made the signal improvements a top priority, the MOVEBR program has installed 176 miles of fiber-optic cable at a rate of about 1000 feet a day, doubling the amount of connectivity in our parish and connecting 470 signals to our Advanced Traffic Management Center.

These improvements will bring about less congestion, reduced travel times, faster emergency response, fewer accidents, reduced emissions and fuel usage and better planning for large-scale events.

In addition, installation is complete on:

  • 178 detection devices to allow signals to detect vehicles and adjust timings based on actual traffic volumes.
  • 88 strategically placed cameras to monitor traffic and incidents and allow real-time response.
  • 150 new traffic signal controllers with modern equipment to keep traffic moving.
  • 117 uninterruptible power supplies on key corridors to provide battery backup during power outages to help keep traffic moving while repairs are made.
  • 440 emergency vehicle preemption systems that turn signals green as first responders approach to improve response times and public safety.

This doesn’t mean drivers will never catch a red light, but it will make commute times more consistent so drivers can plan accordingly.