Florida Street ADA Compliance Project Page

Project Description: This project includes removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks and driveways, typically to provide proper slopes; constructing corner bulb-outs at certain intersections, ADA ramps and crosswalks, height adjustment or reorientation of existing pedestrian push buttons, replacement of some pedestrian push buttons with audible push buttons, and some minor tree trimming.

Council District: Parishwide

Project Type: Community Enhancement

Current Phase: Construction

Design Consultant: SJB

Project Manager: Blake Guidry

Construction Budget: $596,000

Estimated Letting Date: May 2022

Notice to Proceed: January 3, 2023

Contractor: Triumph Construction

Project Updates

Date Status
04/26/2023 The prime contractor has worked along 5th Street and at the intersections of 5th and Convention and 5th and Florida. A driveway at St. James Episcopal School was removed and replaced.

The subcontractor handling traffic signal work has added a pedestrian push button at 5th and Convention and adjusted pedestrian push buttons at North Boulevard and 4th.

Work has begun on 4th Street between North Boulevard and Florida Boulevard.
04/03/2023 ADA improvements are complete on 7th Street between Convention and Florida, the intersection of 7th and Florida, the intersection of 7th and Convention and the block between 6th and 7th on Convention.

Currently working on handicap ramps at Convention and 6th and Convention and 5th.
12/2022 Construction will begin January 2023.



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