Hidden Bike Path (College Dr - Country Club Dr) Project Page

Project Description: This project proposes to enhance mobility by improving the existing Gus Kinchen Trail bike path to upgrade safety treatments at street crossings, pedestrian and bicycle markings and signage, and possible low level "top down" lighting enhancements. This path is a neighborhood trail used by Webb Park residents connecting College Dr. to Country Club Dr.

Council District: 12

Project Type: Community Enhancement

Current Phase: Design

Design Consultant: M.B. Design Consultants, LLC

Project Manager: Andres Gonzalez

Proposition Budget: $200,000

Estimated Letting Date: October 2022

Project Updates

Date Status
05/2022 The Design Consultant is preparing 90% final plans.
12/2021 The Design Consultant has submitted the Preliminary Plans and they are under review.
09/2021 The Design Consultant is preparing preliminary plans.
08/2021 The Design Consultant is had submitted the revised Design Study Report on 7/22/21. Webb Park feedback by 8/12/21
07/2021 The Design Consultant is working on the Design Study Report.
12/2020 The Design Consultant is preparing the design study. 
10/2020 Negotiations and contracting are underway with the Engineering Design Consultant.



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