Mullen Dr Sidewalks (Honey Dr - Perkins Rd) Project Page

Project Description: This project is proposed to construct sidewalks and potential drainage improvements along the existing roadway to enhance pedestrian safety and pavement drainage on a suburban local road that connects to the Perkins Road corridor. Design will be coordinated with the MOVEBR Capacity project Perkins Road Segment (Siegen Lane – Pecue Lane).

Council District: 3

Project Type: Community Enhancement

Current Phase: Construction Procurement

Design Consultant: WTAA Engineers

Project Manager: Natalya Munger

Proposition Budget: $200,000

Estimated Letting Date: July 2021

Project Updates

Date Status
09/2021 Bid opening 7-27-21. Construction planned to begin late October 2021.
08/2021 Bid opening 7-27-21.
05/2021 The Design Consultant is preparing the 100% plan submittal. 
02/2021 The Design Consultant is preparing the 90% plan submittal. 
10/2020 The Design Consultant is preparing the 30% final plan submittal.




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