1st Thursday Outlook for June

Miller Hilliard: LED Bond Assist Program

The June 1st Thursday Outlook guest speaker is Miller Hilliard of R.A. Brunson, Inc., a bond-only agency/broker specializing in bonding for contractors. Brunson is the SBA’s preferred bonding partner and works very closely with the LED’s Bond Assist program. Mr. Hilliard teaches their bonding class and works primarily with newer contractors across the state. Brunson represents 25+ of the industry’s top sureties, including several who specialize in smaller/newer contractors. Through various programs and partnerships, they are often able to provide programs to new contractors that other agencies are not able to. Once they provide a program, R.A. Brunson takes a distinct effort to guide contractors down the path needed to increase their capacity. Click the buttons below to view Miller Hilliard's presentation from the June 1st Thursday Outlook, and to register for the next 1st Thursday Outlook.