A Message from the Mayor-President (Q2 2023)

Design Plans Released for First Major Corridor Enhancement Project

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

In addition to adding capacity to some of our roads, building new sidewalks and multi-use paths, and revamping our entire traffic signal system, the MOVEBR program is making improvements to some of our major corridors. This week, we held a public meeting for the College Drive Corridor Enhancement Project, revealing new ways to manage access on this busy gateway street.

Our design team used best practices in access management to modernize the street and proactively manage access points for vehicles to the commercial businesses adjacent to the street. This will help keep traffic moving on College Drive.

One feature you will see employed is a “backage” road, which is a service road behind existing fast-food businesses that will allow customers to line up for drive-through service without impeding the traffic on College Drive.

In addition to getting traffic moving, public safety was a major factor behind the design of the College Drive improvements. Studies consistently show that well-managed roads are often 40 to 50 percent safer than poorly managed routes.

Change is always hard, but the improvements designed by the MOVEBR program will make College Drive more efficient for everyone. We anticipate better traffic flow, fewer crashes, a better shopping experience for businesses and customers, and easier access for area residents.

If you missed our public meeting, you can learn more about the College Drive Corridor Enhancement Project here.

College Drive Rendering