Calling all Construction Inspection Services

The City of Baton Rouge, Parish of East Baton Rouge (City-Parish) Department of Transportation and Drainage (DTD) seeks to contract with a Construction Services Firm to provide qualified construction field inspection services for City-Parish MOVEBR Program projects. The projects involve construction and/or rehabilitation of roadways, sidewalks, multi-use paths, bridges, drainage systems, public utilities, green infrastructure, landscaping, and lighting.

The MOVEBR Program Managers (Program) are CSRS for Capacity Projects and Stantec for Corridor & Enhancement Projects, both serving as agents for the CityParish and construction administrator of program projects. As the agent, Program construction management staff will assign and direct the work of the contracted inspector(s).

Individual inspectors are to be provided on a project-by-project basis, with assignment and duration determined by the Program. Inspectors will receive training in Program inspection procedures, use of the eBuilder information system, interpretation of contract documents, Program goals, and community and contractor relations. Initial training will be provided by the Program but will ultimately be the responsibility of the Construction Services Firm.


Scope of Services

Resident Project Representative services shall include resident construction inspection and oversight services necessary to ensure construction activities are performed in conformance with contract documents and City-Parish standards (and/or LADOTD standards for State routes), is accurately documented, and is proceeding in accordance with the approved construction schedule. Inspection is required at all locations under construction at all times the contractor is working on compensable work items:

  • to monitor and track construction progress;
  • inspect and track eligible work and related pay items;
  • observe that work is completed safely;
  • verify work is performed in accordance with the plans and specifications;
  • ensure work does not adversely affect adjacent areas or property;
  • and to assist the City-Parish in dispute resolution or claims.

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A detailed description of Construction Inspection services -- including scope of services, minimum qualifications, insurance requirements and compensation requirements -- can be found in this document. If you have questions or need assistance pertaining to this opportunity, please email