Nicholson Dr Segment 1 (Brightside - Gourrier) Project Page

Project Description: Widen Nicholson Dr. from reconstructed Brightside Lane to Gourrier Road as a 4-lane suburban road. This is a Road Transfer project and will use federal dollars. The NEPA process is being followed. The DOTD continues to manage the project and will provide construction administration and construction engineering and inspection services.

Council District: 12

Project Type: New Capacity

Current Phase: Design

Design Consultant: Forte & Tablada Inc.

Project Manager: Kate Prejean

Proposition Budget: $21,000,000

Estimated Letting Date: Q4 2021

Project Updates

Date Status
 12/2020 The Environmental Consultant contract is pending execution. This contract will allow for updates to the NEPA documentation. Following the completion of the updates, the final plan process can continue.



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