What’s New on the MOVEBR Website

Looking for information on the MOVEBR Program? The MOVEBR Website has the most update-to-date information on the program and its various elements including Doing Business with MOVEBR and project specific information. New updates are constantly being made to provide the public with the most relevant information.

To keep stakeholders informed and engaged, updates include revisions to the construction page for Doing Business with MOVEBR, Design Guidelines, and additional project specific webpages.

The Construction Page has been updated with the most recent version of the projected 12-month construction advertisement outlook. This outlook provides information such as the project name, description of work, estimated size range, and the projected advertisement date for letting. It also includes information on how to find current advertisements and participate in the bidding process.

The MOVEBR Design Guidelines were developed to ensure a consistent design approach for the various consultants on MOVEBR projects. A training workshop held earlier this year for all interested parties wishing to learn more about the guidelines was followed by a public comment period prior to the updated version being published.

The Right-of-Way (ROW) Manual addresses many issues associated with the public acquisition process established by local, state and federal laws, policies and procedures. Elements included in ROW acquisition are the required title work, appraisal services, negotiations, relocation assistance, improvement control, all associated document management, and any additional services required to complete the acquisition and relocation process.

To help keep up with news about the MOVEBR program, a section has been added to the homepage that includes the most recent news articles and a calendar including important upcoming dates for the MOVEBR Program.

The MOVEBR Program marches forward as various projects ramp up.