Ben Hur Realignment/Nicholson Intersection Project Page

Project Description: Realignment of the Ben Hur tie-in at Nicholson Drive to eliminate the skewed intersection. Close the current at-grade crossing at FETI. Close and replace the existing at-grade crossing at the current Ben Hur alignment location. No turn lanes on Nicholson Drive at this time as this corridor will be redesigned as part of the MOVEBR program project.

Council District: 3

Project Type: New Capacity

Current Phase: Utility

Design Consultant: Forte & Tablada Inc.

Project Manager: Kate Prejean

Proposition Budget: $2,500,000

Estimated Letting Date: Q3 2021

Project Updates

Date Status
11/2020 The railroad crossing design is underway so that construction and removal can occur. Upon receipt of the permits, the utilities will begin relocations followed by the road construction. 
10/2020 Design is complete. Right of way acquisition is complete. Wetland Permitting is underway. Upon receipt of the permit, the utilities will begin relocations.



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