Featured Projects: Bluebonnet, Midway and Constantin

Three MOVEBR Projects Will Increase Capacity in the Health District

The MOVEBR Program has three projects that fall within the Baton Rouge Health District: Bluebonnet (Picardy - Perkins), Midway (Picardy - Constantin) and Constantin (Midway - Bluebonnet). Each of these projects will increase vehicular capacity and provide for pedestrian and bicycle connectivity in an effort to adhere to the city-parish complete street policy and goals. A virtual public meeting for each of these projects was held on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, and you can watch the meeting by clicking here.

Bluebonnet (Picardy - Perkins)

The Bluebonnet Boulevard Project will consist of widening Bluebonnet from four lanes to six lanes from Perkins Road to Picardy Avenue. Facilities will be provided on both sides of the roadway to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. The intersection at Perkins and Bluebonnet will have several improvements to assist in the flow of traffic, including an increased number of dedicated through lanes on Bluebonnet crossing over Perkins and a reduction of turning lanes at the intersection. 

The replacement bridge over Dawson's Creek will widen the channel to improve the flow of water and provide a connection to the BREC trail system beneath it. Construction will be phased to allow the bridge to remain open. Several changes will be made along the corridor with driveway and median openings to allow for safer access entering and crossing the roadway. A key feature of the project will be barriers at the railroad underpass to prohibit vehicle traffic during high water rain events.

The intersection of Bluebonnet and Picardy will include crosswalks in all four directions and triple left turn lanes from Picardy onto Bluebonnet. The project team anticipates completing the final design of the roadway in the Summer of 2022 which will be followed by the right-of-way acquisition process, utilities relocations, and construction starting in the Summer of 2024, after the new Mall of Louisiana Connector is complete.

Midway (Picardy - Constantin)

Midway will be a new two-lane roadway between Picardy and Constantin Avenues. Pedestrian and bicyclist facilities will be available on both sides of the new roadway along with roadway lighting. The intersections of Picardy & Summa Avenues will include raised intersections to decrease the speed of traffic and provide for greater pedestrian and bicyclist safety. The project has been let for construction and is currently pending award of a contractor with construction anticipating lasting one year. You can view photos from the groundbreaking here.

Constantin (Midway - Bluebonnet)

Constantin Boulevard (formerly known as Dijon Avenue) will be a new four-lane roadway from the newly constructed Midway to Bluebonnet and tie into the current Constantin Boulevard which currently stops near the Children's Hospital. It will provide a connection to BREC's Ward Creek Greenway. The connection at Bluebonnet will include crosswalks and pedestrian beacons. This project is anticipated to be let for construction later this year.

Additional information about each of these projects can be found by clicking the project title below which will redirect you to the project specific page. 

Bluebonnet (Perkins – Picardy)

Midway (Picardy – Constantin)

Constantin (Midway – Bluebonnet)