MOVEBR Team on the MOVE

The MOVEBR Team continues to engage the public by hosting public meetings to provide information on various projects. Over the past few months, public meetings were held for the Old Hammond Highway, Hennessy-Perkins Connector, Nicholson Segment 1 (Brightside – Gourrier) and Highland @ Siegen Projects.

Photo from the Old Hammond Highway Project Segments 1 & 2 public meeting

On Wednesday, July 6th a public open house was held for the Old Hammond Highway Project Segments 1 & 2. The program has divided this project into three segments, with Segments 1 (King Richard Drive – Millerville) & Segment 2 (Millerville – O’Neal) currently active and Segment 3 (O’Neal – Florida) in the planning phase.

The overall improvement for the roadway consists of widening it from two lanes to a four-lane median roadway, lighting, a 5’ sidewalk, and a 5’ bike lane on both sides of the roadway. The median will allow for access management throughout the corridor to increase capacity, manage congestion, and reduce crashes.

Segment 1 has been sequenced into three phases, A, B, and C. Phases A & B are in the design phase and Phase C is in the planning phase. In addition to the overall improvements mentioned above, specific improvements for Segment 1- Phases A & B (Elwick Drive – Millerville) consist of installing a roundabout at the intersection of South Flannery and Old Hammond Highway, replacing the bridge on South Flannery over Lively Bayou, and a 5’ sidewalk and a 5’ bike lane on both sides of the roadway.  Phase A will include roadway upgrades from Goodwood Blvd to the new roundabout. Phase C (King Richard Drive – Elwick Drive) is still in the planning phase. Segment 2 will have a 6’ sidewalk on both sides of the roadway and the clearing and grubbing of the roadway has been completed in preparation for the relocation of utilities.

You can learn more about the project segments and phases here:

Segment 1 – Phases A & B

Segment 1 – Phase C

Segment 2

Segment 3

Photo from the Hennessy-Perkins Connector public meeting

On Tuesday August 23rd a public open house was held for the Hennessy-Perkins Connector Project. Currently, One Perkins Place is a 2-lane roadway with a center turning lane and an at-grade railroad crossing. The new connector proposes to provide a railroad underpass for vehicular, pedestrian and cyclist traffic to allow emergency access to and from the hospital. Additionally, the improvements will include upgraded traffic signals, shared use path on both sides of the roadway, stormwater pump station, a sanitary sewer lift station, improvements along Perkins Road & Kenilworth Parkway, and roadway lighting. You can learn more about the project here.

Photo from the Nicholson Segment 1 (Brightside – Gourrier) public meeting

The project team continued with public meetings on Thursday, August 25th for the Nicholson Segment 1 (Brightside – Gourrier). This segment of the roadway is currently 2-lanes. The project proposes to widen it to a 4-lane roadway with a median. It will include a 6’ bike lane on both sides of the roadway, a 10’ shared use path and drainage improvements. You can learn more about the project here.

On Thursday, September 29th a virtual public meeting was held for the Highland @ Siegen Project. The proposed improvements include dual left turn lanes from Highland Road onto Burbank Drive and Siegen Lane, the extension of existing turning lanes on Siegen and Burbank Drive and an upgraded traffic signal. This project will move into the final design stage in the 4th quarter of 2022 and is anticipated to be advertised for construction in the 4th quarter of 2023.

You can learn more about the project here.

The exhibits from each meeting can be found on their respective project pages.